We are seeking funds to develop our work and our community impact and reach.

Organizacion Ecologica Sol y Verde is a registered Guatemalan non-profit. We provide free agroecology and bioconstruction education to our local community and our volunteers coming from around the country. Our core focus is on supporting our vulnerable rural community, particularly from migrant and/or indigenous backgrounds, to build resilience and create spaces of joy, growth and independence.
In the past year, we were overwhelmed by the incredible support of our project partners and the appetite of our local community to grow this project together. In our new home of Paxcaman, we came across the opportunity to save a piece of land from becoming cattle pasture and dumping grounds. To do this and scale our project, we fundraised $18,000 to acquire new land (3ha), begin our planting and reforestation programme and start construction on our agroecology community education centre. 

Today, we are seeking support for the development of Sol y Verde, expanding our education programme, completing the construction of our education and library building, training and hiring local staff and installing solar panel systems on our land to bring energy to the project.

We have three core focuses in 2024 that we are hoping to fund:
  1. Building the first regenerative community centre of Peten
  2. Strengthening our non-profit
  3. Completing our independent short documentary


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*we are particularly seeking volunteer who have experience in carpentry, bioconstruction, bamboo work, photography.
** do you work in the NGO space, permaculture work, or fundraising? We’d love your advise on how to best share our project with the world, and access long-term, sustainable external funding.
*** are you a similar project, an institution/educational centre, a foundation, a production company or a brand looking for regenerative suppliers? Send us a message!